AKTYVUS Photonics

Team of professionals with different scientific background, all with solid experience in the field of solid-state laser. The unique list of competences includes, which encompass material science, laser component manufacturing, mechanical engineering and laser system architecture design - providing to Aktyvus Photonics the necessary expertise and knowhow to develop in-house new generation of laser sources.



Additive manufacturing

We are actively implementing additive manufacturing principles in its optical system designs, enabling the achievement of innovative solutions that improve both laser size/weight both the optical performance. At the same time, the company aims at investigating the possible application of novel materials, whose enhanced thermomechanical properties would enhance the optical system capabilities and robustness.

We offer:

  • Experience in the laser processing and additive manufacturing
  • State-of-the-art production facility
  • High grade SLM precursor materials
  • Fast response time and turnaround
SLS/SLM advantages:

  • Production of complex shapes
  • Fast manufacturing workflow and turnaround
  • Very good dimensional tolerance (0.1 – 0.2 mm)